Seagate Financial’s Liquidation Department is a specialized team with unmatched expertise in delivering reverse supply chain solutions.

Our Liquidity Services include valuation, disposal and surplus asset management for even the most challenging and complex programs.

  • Seagate Financial can help you regulate and rationalize structures. We can also support you during the entire liquidation processes including advice to determine the most appropriate solutions depending on your needs, objectives and preferences.

  • We first understand the scope of intervention by anticipating issues pertaining to debt recovery assessment, claims management, disinvestment of assets and tax position review. We also circularize debtors and creditors and perform tax compliance due diligences.

  • We then manage the liquidation process by advancing the liquidation to shareholders, sending liaison with the notary and commissaries, preparing corporate documentation, reporting of liquidation and preparing of accounts for the liquidation and tax returns.

  • The last stage is final closure and distribution including termination of contract with service providers, final payouts and information and publication.

    Liquidation is an important phase and an expert in this field can be of big assistance. Non-duly liquidation can come from a spectrum of different activities. These include: bad faith asset disposal, failure to file Liquidation Audit Report, failure to properly notify creditors of the liquidation proceedings, as well as unpaid taxes, debts, salaries or social insurance contributions. The consequences depend on the action, but can generally result in fines, imprisonment and asset confiscation.

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