Financial Advice

Good advice for your financial activities is invaluable on shaping your future. Seagate Financial prepares this future for you by employing only the best and most experienced financial advisors to create a financial plan to achieve your long-term ambitions and will review your plans to adapt, when your circumstances change.

We follow simple steps to further assist you in your needs:

1) Getting to know you

The first step is an initial meeting to get to know you, understand your current financial situation, establish your attitude to risk and explore what your goals are for the future. At this stage we will discuss your financial needs and objectives, we will also fully explain how the service works and the costs involved to help you decide if it meets your requirements. This initial meeting is free of charge.

2) Working out what's right for you

To take advantage of the full service you will need to pay on the basis of an adviser charge, fee, commission or a combination. If you decide our service and the costs are right for you, your Specialist Financial Advice Manager will analyze the information provided and investigate the best options to meet your objectives. This may include; liaising with your existing investment companies, preparing illustrations, analyzing your existing portfolio and considering the tax implications.

3) Meeting your objectives

Your Specialist Financial Advice Manager will present a set of clearly explained recommendations that will form the basis of your personal financial plan, which provides the foundation on which your long-term financial future will be built.

4) Putting your financial plans into action

Your Specialist Financial Adviser and dedicated support team will ensure any transactions go smoothly and keep you informed throughout the process.

Our ethos is all about being a company you can trust and depend on. So if you are looking for personal service matched by technical expertise and experience, please give us a call.

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