Distressed Asset Recovery

The Seagate lawyers regularly deliver guidance concerning the organizing of pioneering transactions and new financial instruments. We have a wide-ranging understanding in the treatment of insolvency, workout, redeployment and restructuring issues in connection with: derivative instruments, repurchase agreements, sophisticated financial products and structured finance contracts.

Seagate Financial objective is to support our clients in conceiving imaginative approaches and executing inventive resolutions to focus on the intricate set of problems that arise when structured financial products do not achieve as anticipated. We also counsel clients in connection with the opportunistic procurement and dealing of distressed financial products and provide them with comprehensive studies and evaluations of associated covenants and documents in order to facilitate the enhancement of their portfolio.

  • Retaining a cohesive team methodology, Seagate Financial lawyers address the issues presented in disposal or acquisition of distressed financial transactions, not only at the contract level, but also with regard to the financial institution and its overall business practice. Our restructuring attorneys frequently advise broker-dealers, investment fund managers, pension companies and other financial organizations in association with the reformation, disposal, acquisition and development of distressed financial instruments.

  • Seagate Financial is a principal consultant to family trust asset managers, investment fund managers, pension and hedge funds, representing clients ranging from high net worth individuals and corporate operations to some of the world’s principal financial establishments. Our international team counsels on regulatory and compliance matters, investigations by regulatory authorities, litigation and the formation and management of open- and closed-end funds, exchange-traded funds, insurance products, offshore funds and hedge funds. We serve as transactional counsel and handle regulatory issues in mergers and acquisitions of financial services companies and funds. We also advise on the operational integration of diversified financial institutions and tax mitigation.

  • Seagate Financial professional reorganization and redeployment attorneys represent purchasers, vendors and investors in distressed merger and acquisition transactions. Our leading distressed asset attorneys help scrutinize and calculate the potential conclusions of numerous courses of action and implement the best strategy for your portfolio.

    Seagate Financial is also well positioned to guide investors focused on raising money from or investing in distressed debt and equity.

Seagate Financial supports investors with re-arranging distressed debt and equity funding and creating unconventional investment instruments. Our organization always endeavors to help investors achieve the greatest value from distressed investing, applying our in-depth awareness of complex regulatory issues affecting distressed asset trading.

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